Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Invitation

The Invitation is inspired by the memories and stories of older people in response to my earlier trilogy of performance work Everyone's Companion to Life & Love. Over the past year, myself and my facilitator Clare Thornton have toured the trilogy for older adult groups who have little or no experience of this kind of performance work. The Invitation is the result of these meetings where many memories and stories were shared.

Within the work, I knit together some of the fascinating and rich stores from the memory banks of the participants. The show re-examines and remembers the abdication speech of the king, a childhood journey on the strawberry line, a debutante lying drunk on the floor of the Savoy and explores the possibility of what can happen when parachutes are remade into blouses.

The show’s research and development methods are socially engaged and share a similar ethos within community engaged projects and participatory practices. The performance strategies that are employed are postmodern and come from an experiential theatre and live art trajectory.

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