Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Supporters, funders and partners

I am an associate art of the Arnolfini
I have worked with the Arnolfini for the last ten years.
I am a supported Artist of Camden Peoples Theatre
and recently remade my solo show Hello Sailor [goodbye heart].
I have received an award from The Peggy Ramsay Foundation to focus on the written elements within my trilogy 'Every bodies companion to life and love'.
I am a member of Residence, an artist-led organisation creating space for artists to make performance, live art and theatre in Bristol.

I received support from Arts and Business south west through their Strike a Match scheme Where my Trilogy was supported by locally based commercial property company Suland
Investments Ltd.
My film work in collaboration with Anna Lucas was supported through Picture This Small wonders Scheme.

I have had ten projects funded through Arts Council of England.

I have also had a project support though New Work network
I was mentored by Robert Pacitti and this relationship was supported though Arts Matrix mentoring Scheme.