Sunday, June 29, 2008

Finding my inner cowboy

Confused about the manly codes of etiquette he struggles on, in search of enlightenment. Follow his progress as he takes up various cowboy pursuits from bucking broncos to learning to lasso in this intimate, funny and wonderfully offbeat piece.

The piece is a ‘research project’ where I present my findings of living my life as a cowboy during the month of May. The various activities that I have been involved in range from riding a bucking bronco, learning to lasso, line dancing to sliding whisky tumblers down bars. The piece is a mix of visual images and text derived from real life incidences during my month of research to more poetic narratives for example the break down of the relationship between a cowboy and a spaceman due to the differing views on ‘the land’ and how it should be used. The film projections show the activities, from becoming a rodeo to making friends with the cows.

The piece sits between a lecture presentation and a movement piece. The theme is light and playful but scratch the surface and deeper political themes emerge. In the piece I comment on my struggle with traditional assumptions of masculinity through my explorations of finding numerous cowboy personas, in turn these question ideas of sexuality and gender. In Finding My Inner Cowboy the iconic cowboy landscape is used as a metaphor for an emotional state. Through becoming the cowboy the land becomes a place that I must choice to use as an endless resource and not just passively admire.

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