Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SHOP in Stoke on Trent

Over one week artist Tom Marshman developed a new project called Catwalk clothes swap with the help from the passers by and the local community around SHOP, 116 Church Street, Stoke Town, ST4 1BU.
Tom Marshman asked you to donate items of clothing that you no longer wear, he was curious to know the story behind the item?
He asked.....
Did you get the job because of that tie?
Can that old coat warm someone else up?

I spotted it in a shop and fell in love with it. With wry smile, I am harking back to my youth. It’s a dress that is as old as my son, the first dress that made me feel like a lady. We were all amazed by the colour - in the late 90's we were all getting a bit excited about colour. It reminds me of the better times... I took the trousers out, I took them dancing to the last summer ball. I have tried it on, on several occasions, but it’s never been the dress. I can imagine someone really pulling it off though. I was going through a red phase; it’s never been danced in and never been worn, it never really fitted properly. Buying the scarf was not planned. Sometimes you just want an extra touch... Medium is too big and small is too small - I’m at that awkward point. I still like it but I wouldn’t wear it. You can’t hang on to everything forever.

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